A fence is the perfect way to create a border round your home and to keep your children all while keeping stray animals out. With time your fence is bound to wear out and it is important to maintain it so as to increase its shelf life. Below are some ways of cleaning and maintaing your fence. 

First of all it is important to clean your fence with a washer and a mild detergent a few times in a year. This will help maintain the cleanliness of your fence. You should also make sure to mow your lawn frequently so that you don't have tall grass and weeds under your fence. This will keep your fence neat and presentable. It is also essential to paint your fence from time to time. This will help prevent it from wearing out and increase its durability. However, this only applies to some fences. For instance, paint should not be used on vinyl fences while it is better to use a stain on wooden fences rather than paint them. You will also want to repair your fence when it calls for repair. This includes problems with the picket, handles and fence posts. 

Considering the types of materials used to make fences, vinyl happens to be more low maintenance than the rest. All that is needed is to have it cleaned once a year and to do necessary repairs. Aluminum fences look quite like wrought iron and also require little upkeep, making them a popular option. Iron fences have a very contemporary look and could be low maintenance depending on how they are made. In this case it is important to first consult a specialist before getting such a fence. Last but not least are wooden fences. These are really beautiful fences that can look good in any landscape. They however require some care so it important to account for that. 

Caring and maintaining your fence will give your compound a beautiful look at almost no cost at all.